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The Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma's (CSTWT) mission is to facilitate the healing process for refugee and immigrant individuals and families who have survived torture and war, and to help them transcend the suffering and move toward healing and self empowerment. This is accomplished by providing culturally appropriate, holistic mental health services in an atmosphere of professional, therapeutic support.

In many cases, traumatic incidents of torture and violence leave lasting symptoms of paralyzing anxiety, grief, and hopelessness, as well as flashbacks, night terrors, and intrusive memories. These extremely debilitating and disempowering symptoms often impede survivors' ability to properly manage their new family life in America.

With up to 9,000 survivors residing in the St. Louis metropolitan area, CSTWT was created to address urgent mental health needs within the largely underserved local refugee and immigrant community. Now, in addition to various forms of counseling and therapy, CSTWT offers survivors and their families an extensive youth program as well as casework services including asylum documentation and referrals to address further social service or personal care needs.

Featured Voice

Elisa Reeves
April 4, 2013

Executive Director Kristin Bulin sits down with Ivy Hartman of STL TV live in the second part of this two part interview. In this section, she goes in depth about the Center for Survivor of Torture of War Trauma and about our upcoming Hope and Healing Gala on April 13th!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwSlAFlystg&list=FLX-u-W-BOGIFGCEfC2QKXlg